200 hours Hot Yoga Teacher Training. This training will be provided in 2 separate modules.  

The first 100h module will cover the classic 26 + 2 yoga postures in an environment heated to 40 degrees.  

The training will cover:
• Brief yoga background
• About the 26 + 2 Sequence
• Dialogue and timing
• Basic Anatomy
• Posture Clinic
• Teaching Skills
• 2 classes daily

After this, you can go for the second 100 hours Hot Flow Yoga, we will offer that in March 2021.

It is advised that you have some experience in Bikram Style Yoga and Hot Flow Yoga before embarking on this training.  This can be a very useful tool to deepen your own practise, but in order to teach others, you will have to have the basics before starting. You will receive guidance from experienced teachers and 2 training manuals.

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