Hiken from Porto to Santiago

For a longer period of time, I’ve been wanted to walk the Santiago de Compostella. But there’s always something going on: it’s not the time, just started a new business… Now, I thought again and said: It will never be a good time. The time is now. So, I went within a month with almost no training…

I wanted to do it with some more meaning. So, I’ve been collecting money for the Plastic Soup Foundation as well and found some sponsors. I got a legging from Yogasway, made from recycled plastic and a sun screen from Beauty Elements.

In my preperation I walked 5-12 km. But never further. My goal to Santiago is more kilometers a day. Let’s see what happens. The shoes that I’m about the use are trail running shoes from Salomon. I’m walking from Porto to Santiago. There are two different routes, haven’t decided yet which one to pick. Let’s see. I’m super looking forward to it.

Barbara (29) Ik ben de oprichter van Be Happy & Healthy en eigenaresse van Yoga Hilversum en SUP up your life. Ik leef volgens een positieve healthy lifestyle. Yoga is mijn passie. Ik volg mijn hart en doe de dingen die ik leuk vind. Ik help jou ook graag bij het volgen van je hart! “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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