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The breakfast was already waiting for us at 5.30. I met a German girl and boy, we jumped over the fence and we were ready to conquer the mountain…

The mountain was really steep, but I loved it. After this I said goodbye to the Germans and went my own pace again. After I while a man walked closeby and this was the first time I didn’t liked it. The energy of this man felt strange and he was constantly stopping smelling at flowers, picking apples and looking at me. He started talking but then I think he saw that I wanted to be alone and he left.

First view in the morning!

My body didn’t like going up and down all the time, so I had an odd feeling in my right thigh and my ankles were sore. I met a Dutch/German girl that didn’t went to Santiago because she didn’t liked the people in Spain. That’s also the place where people do the last 100 km, so it’s an other feeling starting there. I kept that in my head for the whole time.

I arrived at Valenca in time for a bed and there I met a German girl called Daria. We we’re super in the same alignment and walking pace. We ate together and we visited the city and the border with Spain.

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