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I got up again really early. This time, a lot of people followed. Now, I wasn’t scared anymore. Took a light and a big smile and went alone in the dark.

I had to walk a big piece next to a speedy street, could stop just before a big web with an even bigger spider! My first stop was after 12 km. I love the café leche here, it’s only 1 euro.

I came to Ponte de Lima. A historic center, a lot of stores and water! I was already here at 12.30 and the albergue opened at 16, so I decided to go further.

Ponte de Lima

I walked with an Australian couple and they said that everything was completely booked in the surrounding area. I didn’t like the idea of sleeping on the street, but this is not how I wanted to walk the caminho, in fear that you can not find a place to sleep. I didn’t want to reservate as well… I never know where I would end up. But just to be sure I called a hostel and booked it.

View from the hostel

When I came there, it was amazing. Only 4 beds in a room. Food was there. View was pretty. A great day just to relax. They didn’t spoke English so I was trying to translate the Portugees for everyone. But I don’t even speak it as well, haha. The diner with everyone was super cozy and friendly. We all went to bed early.

Barbara (29) loves to hike, yoga and dance. Teaching is what I do with all love and passion. Would love to meet you some day!

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