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Jumped in to a bus and went to the end of the world!

Went we came to Finisterre or Fisterre, the weather wasn’t that great. But we walked around and went to the Fishers Museum. Super small but cute.

Went to a super cute pink coffee and plant shop for breakfast. The elderly people that run this are amazing and nice.

You can walk from Santiago to Fisterre but we tooked the bus because of time issues. Here, they say, is the end point and the end of the world. So we hiked to the 0,0 km stone! Here it felt like I really made it to the end.

The day after we walked through the mountains. But it was different then the weeks before, haha. We couldn’t see a hand for eyes and we couldn’t even see the holy stones. At one point we went back, because the wind was too hard.

Thank God for stores with special Rain suits, haha. We were glad we went this way, because it felt amazing and we found some friends we’ve made in Ibiza. Crazy how the Universe works.

Barbara (30) Ik ben de oprichter van Be Happy & Healthy en eigenaresse van Yoga Hilversum en SUP up your life. Ik leef volgens een positieve healthy lifestyle. Yoga is mijn passie. Ik volg mijn hart en doe de dingen die ik leuk vind. Ik help jou ook graag bij het volgen van je hart! “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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