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Today I’ve crossed the border with Spain. An amazing feeling!

Daria and I were both awake before the alarm went of. I slept super bad. The blister on my foot hurts as hell, I can’t even put it on the matras anymore. It was burning hot and a lot of people in the same room.

The first part of walking was super easy and relax. We stopped at a cafe for a coffee. After we made an other stop but I felt I couldn’t go where we wanted to. I decided to stay in Mos for my feet. But my energy was still high, so I really was dissapointed in myself. It was also full moon and I just started crying. It felt like I failed. Daria went to a village further.

I was here with a small festival and music. I bought myself ‘Jesus sandals’ and a necklace. I took a pilgrim’s menu with a beer.

After that I broke my blister and felt better afterwards.

Barbara (29) loves to hike, yoga and dance. Teaching is what I do with all love and passion. Would love to meet you some day!

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